Why I decided to Blog.

Hi everyone, I want to tell you a bit about myself and explain why I decided to start writing a blog.

I've always loved a holiday, getting away from my everyday life to enjoy a few days of sun, enjoy some cocktails and explore somewhere new. I mean, who doesn't love that? One of the best things about going away, for me, is preparing for the trip. I love the build-up of excitement as the travel date gets nearer. I love planning vacation outfits and buying new ones specifically to suit the location or to match some colour theme I have going on in my head where everything lays out like the pages of a fashion magazine. And I spend hours googling things to do and see at the chosen destination to a point of happy obsessiveness.

I would share photos from trips to other social media platforms but as I posted so many they would get lost and unseen and no one would ever know the stories from my adventures, so I decided to start an Instagram account specifically for sharing my favourite images from each trip with a little description about where I was.

My account was a little haphazard to start with, I just posted without worrying if the images had any sort of running theme so that my account looked aesthetically pleasing.

Mostly the images I posted were of landscapes and landmarks but a few of them featured myself, not quite camera ready but that's where it started to become a more fun. I had been checking out some other accounts and really loved what some of the people I followed were creating and I wanted to be a part of that. It made sense, I spent so much time choosing my holiday clothes, they should probably take more of a feature roll.

This meant I had to learn to become more comfortable being in front of the camera instead of hiding behind it and I'm slowly getting more more creative with my poses to make the images with me in them a little more inspiring. This also means that I often have to rely on others to take the photos for me, as a photographer it's a difficult thing to pass over because obviously I have a vision in my head how I want the image to look and can get bossy about the angle from which they take it and how it should be framed.

And gradually my niche started to form, how I live my life, fun, fashion and fairytales at forty. And my account started to take shape and it's become a hobby that I enjoy and has really given me a space to flex my creativity.

Instagram provides a great platform to share images and make an impact but I still couldn't get all the information out that I want to share, so that's where the blog came in. I don't claim to be an expert on travel (or anything for that matter) but due to my avid bargain hunting I do always find a good deal for my trips and if my tips can help a few people get the most out of their trips too then the blog is worth it.

Obviously, I'm not on holiday all the time so my blog will also cover mini breaks and days out in the UK too and some of my favourite places to see in London, which has become very Insta friendly over the past few years with many shops and restaurants creating amazing displays that invite you to be a part of them and obviously there so many amazing landmarks to check out too.

I hope you've enjoyed my introduction and that you'll venture back from time to time to check what I've been up to.


Life is an adventure,

Lenny xx