Ecovibe Review

Eco vibe I’ve recently discovered a company called Eco Vibe, whose mission is to sell environmentally friendly products, made from sustainable materials to help reduce our carbon footprint as consumers. All their products are truly eco-friendly and ethically produced with the aim to help us be plastic free and I little more conscious about what we buy.

As a country we have been encouraged to recycle for quite a few years now but there is always more we can do. For over a year I have used solid shampoo, and switched back to bars of soap rather than bottles of hand wash/shower gels , obviously if I receive any items in plastic bottles as gifts (as often is the case at Christmas) then I used them as it would be wasteful not too, it’s not that I dislike the products I’m just trying to find small ways that I can help to reduce waste.

Also for the last 6 months I have been using washable makeup remover pads instead of single use wipes or cotton balls.

I contacted this company, expressing my desire to trial some new products and they kindly gifted me a couple of items which included a bamboo toothbrush which not only looks about as stylish as a toothbrush could be, but it’s made from sustainable bamboo. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and fast growing and self-regenerates from its roots once it’s cut, it also doesn’t require any pesticides or fertilisers to aid its growth. Being a plant-based product also means that the handle is fully compostable and biodegradable. It’s 100% vegan, and is packaged in recyclable packaging, the packaging also suggests other uses for the toothbrush once it’s run its course for dental hygiene.

The bristles are BPA-free nylon and you can choose soft, medium or firm. There is also a child’s toothbrush available.

They also sell various natural toothpastes too, I’m yet to try these but will look into it.


The other item I was gifted was a box of bamboo cotton buds.

Did you know that cotton buds are one of the biggest forms of ocean litter?

Now obviously, cotton buds are a single use item but by switching to ones with bamboo instead of plastic sticks means they can be thrown in with garden waste to decompose instead of being thrown away with normal rubbish.

I love these, as I use cotton buds aside from their obvious use, for make up touch ups and cleaning pokey areas of the house like the inner corners of mirrors etc and often find with some regular cotton buds that the stick beds or the cotton pulls away from the stick. These ones are lovely and firm.

Amongst other products on the website you’ll find compostable plastic bags, household cleaning products, cosmetics and you’ll even find some food items and vitamins.

Please check out their website, and if you decide to purchase anything then use the code LENNY10 for a 10% discount.