How to style a tulle skirt, 3 ways with knitwear.

Last year I was sent a really pretty red tulle skirt from Chicwish.

The obvious way for me to style it was with a pretty top and corset style belt to continue down the princess aesthetic route, which I love, and is perfect for those mild weather days, but what about the days that arent so mild?

What about the days where frankly, you just want to be warm and cosy, does a tulle skirt still fit the bill?



Skirt shown with blouse, also Chicwish.

I believe that a tulle skirt can be a really versatile staple to any wardrobe, and it is probably not a suprise that I own a couple in a variety of colours and lengths. What I love about his red one is its simple yet chic and classic design.

The mid length of the skirt lends itself perfectly to dressed up styles but also more relaxed casual styles too, so when I next got the opportunity to collaborate with Chicwish, I chose some knitwear pieces that I would be able to style with the skirt to get maximum year round wearability from it.



I just can't resist that skirt flick.

So first up, I chose this cute cream cardigan with large red hearts on it. 

It is really thick and warm, with pretty gold heart button detailing.

I wanted to go for a super casual vibe with this look so paired the cardigan and skirt with some hightop Converse. They make the outfit really fun and playful, totally wearable and perfect for a day of shopping, or a coffee with friends.

For added warmth wear skin toned tights too.

Next up, I opted for this navy roll neck cropped sweater. It has little heart details at the neck and cuffs. 

Navy and red are so classic together and I love this pairing, I think it's my favourite of the 3 looks.

I already had the navy beret, also decorated with hearts so it was a perfect match. I then added the velvet heart drop earrings to complete the look.

Switching up the trainers for black ankle boots gives the overal outfit a more chic look that would be perfect for a lunch or day time date.


Lastly, I chose this red ribbed cardigan. Again, it has pretty gold heart buttons which are such a lovely detail, cute but subtle.

This cardigan is a little thinner than the previous options so I decided to team it with a cream knit vest I already owned.

Keeping it with the black ankle boots I feel this looks really elegant and would be perfectly suited to a casual dinner or cinema date.


The great thing about all of these pieces is that they are all versatile too, and each would look great  worn with other things. I've worn all 3 with jeans, and the navy one with denim dungereees. 

I'd love to hear which look is your favourite, and also how you would style either them or the tulle skirt.


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