Pink London and where to find it.

When you think of London, what do you think of? Is it red buses and telephone boxes? Is it black taxis? Is it towering glass office blocks or Victorian town houses? Or is it a world of pink?

London it seems, is embracing her girly side, with shops dressing up in flowers, houses painted in pastel colours and cafes offering floral walls and novelty milkshakes which have us trekking all over the city to hunt them down.

I have people message me all the time asking me how I find these places. I’d like to say it’s just luck and I chance upon them (which is sometimes the case) but the truth is, I’m a pink place hunter. I trawl the net for hours, looking for places and tracing their locations on a map.

I’d like to make this a little easier for you by listing some of my favourite pink places and where to find them, but sssh, don’t tell everybody!

These cute shops can be found in Covent Garden.


There are several of these cafes around London. My favourite one can be found on Lowndes Street in Belgravia. There is seating outside but you will definitely want a booth.

They have lots of delicious looking cakes on offer but do check out their menu too. I love their Pretty Pink Bircher on the breakfast menu and the Toasted Raspberry and Coconut Bread, served with coconut yoghurt and berries, it’s delicious.

The EL&N at Hans Crescent in Knightsbridge is also worth a visit, again, ask for a booth downstairs if possible, you will find the walls decorated in giant pink love heart sweets.

Peggy Porschen

Okay, so another pretty pink café you need to check out is Peggy’s. You’ll one on The Kings Road in Chelsea and another on Ebury Street in Belgravia.

It’s hard to choose a favourite, I prefer the exterior of Belgravia and the interior of Kings Road, but in all honesty, both are just as lovely as each other and their exterior décor changes seasonally giving plenty of reasons to return again and again (as if the delicious cup cakes are not reason enough).

My favourite cake here is a nice big slice of Lemon and Raspberry.

Joseph Turner Studios

If you’re at the Peggy’s at Kings Road then pay a little visit to the Joseph Turner studios on Glebe place, It’s literally opposite the café.

You might not be into art, but you will probably know his name, the Turner Prize (an annual art award was named after him).

Quick history Lesson. Turner was born in Covent Garden in 1775 and died at his home on Cheyne Walk (close to the studio) in 1851. He is buried at St Paul’s Cathedral. He studied at The Royal Academy of Arts. He never married but had two daughters with his housekeeper (scandal I know). He was considered a bit eccentric and suffered bouts of depression; his own mother was admitted to a mental asylum where she died.

Doom and gloom aside, he was a brilliant painter, specialising in landscapes and marine paintings.

So the reason you need to pay a quick visit to his studio is for the very simple fact that it’s pretty. It’s a white brick building with 2 bubble-gum pink front doors. You’re welcome!

Maître Choux

If you’re not too caked out, then also on Kings Road you’ll find this shop selling the most delicious and equally as pretty eclairs.

Now I just thought eclairs were standard, cream in the middle and chocolate on the top which is fine by me, but there is so much more available here, my favourite is the Red Love, raspberry macaron (yes I love raspberries lol). But you’ll find coffee flavoured ones, caramel, lemon meringue amongst others and plenty of savoury options too.

And of course they have a lovely pink flower wall to get those insta shots. They also have stores located in Soho and south Kensington.

Bywater Street, Chelsea

Also, just off the Kings Road (I’ve spent a lot of time here over the years so it’s a familiar area) you’ll spot a street on the right hand side if coming up from Sloane Square, full of pretty painted houses, each one a different colour and it just looks so pretty.

Please remember if you’re posing outside to be respectful, they are people’s homes after all, don’t outstay your welcome or make a nuisance of yourself by hanging off their railings and sitting on their walls.

Gods Own Junkyard

Okay, so it’s not technically a pink place but it gives off a lovely pink glow from all the neon lights.

This place definitely needs to go on your list. You’ll find it in the Ravenswood Industrial estate in Walthamstow but note that they are only open on Fri, Sat and Sun.

They also serve food and drink. I can highly recommend their nachos and cocktails. It can get very busy in there but with a little patience you’ll get some great shots.

Only camera phones are allowed, no professional cameras without their permission. All of their neon lights are for sale too, I’d love one but would never be able to choose which one.

Notting Hill

Notting Hill is an instagrammers mecca. You're likely to see people posing on every colourful street that you pass, of which there is many.

This is a great area for wandering around, especially on days that the market is open on Portobello Road. You'll also find many great places to eat, and if you're into vintage clothing, you won't be disappointed, there are a good selection of vintage stores to browse.

But lets get onto the reason for my visit. Pink houses. Thre are many streets with colourful houses galore and if you go at the right time of year, you’ll be blessed with plenty of pretty pink blossom and magnolia trees too.

I have a few favourite streets to shoot on that offer houses of every colour but if you are specifically looking for pink then check out, Colville Terrace, Elgin Crescent and Pottery Lane.

The pink house at Pottery lane is particularly lovely so make a beeline for that one. Again, remember to be respectful of people’s property.

Knot Churros

You’ll find this dessert house on Bute Street in South Kensington, it’s not very big and you are likely to leave on a sugar rush but it’s worth it.

Not only is there a tropical, pink flamingo theme to the décor but the desserts and milkshakes are insane, topped with candyfloss and chocolate mermaid tails. I’ll meet you there.

Dyce café

This ice cream delight can be found on James street, just off oxford street. It has a cool pastel pink interior with 60’s bubble seats to pose in. the ice cream is delicious with plenty of options, including cookie or doughnut bases and many many toppings. They also serve amazing bubble teas.

If you want something a little more lunch like, pop next door to Feya, a pretty blossom filled café offering the prettiest lunches you’ll ever see.

This list really is the tip of the iceberg. There are so many beautiful colourful streets to be found all over London, many on my list that I’m still to tick off so won’t share them with you until I’ve checked them out.

There are café’s and bars and shops that are upping their pink game springing up all over the city, too many to mention and I’m sparing your waistline a few calories by not listing them all.

If you’ve been to any of these places or plan to after reading this blog, please let me know what you think.

Long live pink London.

This stuning display was at The Maddox Gallery on Maddox Street in Feb 2020, they often do seasonal displays and this was their pinkest one to date.